Areas of burning sensation to touch

Hello – I first noticed a burning pain (to the touch) on the left side of my right big toe about three weeks ago. I thought it might have been a bug bite but it hasn’t healed. On closer inspection, the skin is hard and swollen, like a big callous, it gives a burning sensation to touch, and there is a similar spot developing on the back of my right heel. i’ve tried looking into this but I can’t seem to find any clear answers, please help! i’m 25 and fairly active.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Calluses are a result of excessive pressure so this is telling me how you are walking and pushing off your big toe. The callus on your big toe is actually called a pinched callus and can cause pressure to a nerve that runs along side the big toe. I recommend keeping the skin shaved down and smooth to take pressure off of the nerve. You can use a pummice stone or see a Podiatrist who can shave it down. If the calluses continue to develop you may need to have walking and foot mechanics evaluated. I hope this helps.