are insoles the only option?

Hello Emily, my 8 year old son has suffered from ankle pain for most of his life. It seems to get worse as time goes on. His ankles hurt, his knees, back, and neck and now has headaches. He can’t stand for longer than 20 minutes before hurting too much and his ankles are bruising. Both my son and I are big guys. Not over weight just big and naturally tall and strong. He’s above the top percentile in height by quite a bit. I’m 6 ft 3. He loves sports and so do I, but we both have the same problem, with exception his ankles roll in and mine roll out and his pain started much earlier than mine. Insoles help some, but it seems to just double his strength for standing and walking. Standing in Wal-Mart is torture for us both. Is there anything else we can do for my son than just insoles? It seems that since he is growing something could be done to curb the problem, I’m just a real concerned dad and don’t want to see him struggle with all the rolled ankles I did or have him roll any more than he already has or see him cry. It hurts me to see him hurt. I’m not even sure what that type of condition is called.



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    (Site Moderator): Mike, you will be contacted by the doctor soon.

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