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I am a 25 year old female runner, who is otherwise healthy. I have very flat feet, which widened this past summer (I think my arch collapsed some?). In the last two months, I have developed more severe pain in my right arch when I run- it usually starts about a mile into my run, and calms down after 5 or so miles. The pain is symmetrical on both sides of my foot, right in the middle of my foot. I tried PT for three weeks with no real help, and then took two weeks off from running entirely. I started running again yesterday, and my foot feels exactly the same. Currently, I run in newton running shoes which encourage landing on your forefoot, and I don’t wear orthotics. I tried two different kinds of over the counter orthotics, and both of them made the problem worse. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hello Gail – thank you for your question. Sounds like you may benefit from a biomechanical exam with a Podiatrist with possible use of custom orthotics.

    Orthotics will provide additional support for your feet when running. With the Newton running shoes and the midfoot strike you will not gain the benefit of the orthotic as they control the foot through rearfoot posting. This means that you may have to consider doing additional strengthening of your hips / glutes to control your flat foot.

    For your current pain, I would also discuss this with a Podiatrist as it may not be your typical arch pain / plantar fasciitis. In the mean time I encourage you to reduce your activity, stretch your calves and ice the bottom of the foot. I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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