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I’ve recently increased how much I exercise with longer walks and jogs. Even though I use a regular insert in my shoe, I still tend to have arch pain when I finish exercising. Are there any stretches or exercises you can recommend I do before or after my workout? Should I maybe try a different insert? I”ve been looking at Aetrex’s Lynco insert but how do I know which one is best?

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    Thank you for your question.

    There are definately some great stretches that you can integrate into your running program to prevent arch pain. I recommend all patients stretch their calves for at least 5 minutes before and after running. In addition to recover the small muscles and soft tissue on the bottom of the foot, I recommend rolling the arch or standing on a golf ball or tennis ball.

    As far as the orthotics, depending on your foot type custom orthotics may provide the adequate support you need to eliminate excess stress on your feet. If you are looking at OTC inserts such as Aetrex’s Lynco orthotics I suggest you go based on your foot type. If you have flat feet or diffuse foot pain I often recommend the L420 –

    If you live near a city with an Aetrex store you can try the inserts and have your foot scanned to determine your foot type. I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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