Arch Pain

Over-pronation (flat feet) which results in the arch collapsing upon weight bearing. Every time i step in a rail, or put pressure in the middle of my foot, it hurts extremely, i don’t know what it is i have, can you help determine this, Thank you.

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  1. Wayne McGuire

    I have extreme pain in the Middle of my Foot, not in general day to day walking so 20 Metres or so on and off as you do during Work or around the Home.

    it is most pronounced after walking say from 100 Metres and further, the pain is like someone sticking a Knife up the middle of the Foot, this also happens if i do work around the Home like weeding, Chopping Word but it is not as intense.

    i have Flat Feet, one more so than the other and this is the one that gives me grief and it’s quite deflating when you are out with friends and they are a 100 Metres in front while i am struggling to put up with the pain, sometimes i will stop and do some strectching, i usually put to Toes on the Ground and bend the foot forward which eases the pain slightly but after a while you can feel swelling on the bottom of the foot.

    can you please advise what i need to do to get it better, i am over weight, no doubt this doesn’t help.

    please advise.

    with many Thanks

    Wayne McGuire

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