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I am diabetic, but have no foot issues or neuropathy. I recently developed a thick callus along the outer edge of my heel. I absolutely love Tevas, Keens & Crocs sandals & clogs…I wear them all year round, here in sunny SoCal. My doc said the anti-microbial treatments on these various products might tend to dry out the skin, making for easy development of calluses. He recommended very gentle scrubbing with a stone, using RevitaDERM wrapped in Saranwrap under a sock at night. Very gentle scrubbing over the course if 4-6 weeks gave me an idea of how gentle I needed to be.

Further, he said I might only wear these sandals/clogs, with socks! Yow! Goofy!

I’m no hippie! Socks with sandals are for geeks! Help!


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    Thanks for your reply! That is sort of the answer I was looking for!

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Sounds like you are experiencing extra pressure / friction from the shoes. It is probably more likely due to the fact that you do not wear socks than the anti-microbial component in the shoe.

    Many people including non-diabetics get calluses over the Summer due to sandal wear. If you get into a routine of proper foot care including the emollient cream, soaking, pumice stone etc you should be fine. If you are making calluses at a fast rate then I’d consider having the socks however I’d try the regular foot care regimen first.

    I hope this helps!

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