Anterior Ankle Impingement

Some quick general information about me

21 years male

Information about injury:

Last year February i had a severe sprain in my ankle. The pain has not yet subsided and the pain occurs with dorsiflexion. Imagine lunges and squats with my knee forward to my ankle. That is when the pain is the worst. The pain is located at the top of my foot. It hurts to much to surf which is the sport i play competitively. I’ve seen a few doctors including an orthopedic and I’m currently working with a physiotherapist. I have not yet gotten a clear diagnosis, but my symptoms make me believe, front what i’ve read online, that i have an anterior ankle impingement of soft tissues. I’ve read that they can occur with or without bone spurs. The information i find online is very sparse and vague about this condition and I ask this question not to be diagnosed but to be a little more informed about it. Also specifically i’d like to know if my physiotherapy does not help to alleviate my pain then what are my options for surgery.

Will surgery be recommended at that point?
If it is will it be successful?
How effective is physiotherapy for this condition, considering it hasnt subsided in a year?
If there are no bone spurs and only soft scar tissue will it grow back and create an impingement again?
What other conditions could be causing my specific pain?

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