Ankle sprain

I sprained my ankle one week ago, went to the doctor, got X-rays, and he told me he was not very concerned about the sprain. I am a ballet dancer and I told him I must be able to dance in a week, he told me he believed that I could as long as I do the physical therapy exercises as well and be cautious. When I hurt it, i heard a small pop, and there was mild bruising the next day but disappeared the day after, and swelling is almost completely gone. I did the RICE method for 4 days, now I can jump on it and go up on pointe in pointe shoes. It is still a little sore in areas if I touch them but no more bruising or pain. I barley feel any type of pulling or discomfort when I do dance related movements, however my ankle does still feel like it is not completely back to normal yet. Do you think that I will be okay to dance having taken a week off and have almost all symptoms disappear?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. After every ankle sprain – even the most minor – there is a disruption in the proprioceptive stability of the ankle. This can take several weeks to months to return to normal so I would just be cautious and make sure you to the ankle rehab exercises. After an ankle sprain there is also an increased risk of re-injury or re-sprain so do be mindful of this. I hope this helps!

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