Ankle sprain with existing varicose veins–pressure stocking or ace bandage?

I sprained my ankle mildly about a week ago, and have been using an elastic bandage on doctor’s recommendation. Normally I wear below-the-knee pressure stockings for varicose veins. I am still having pain but I think it’s because I haven’t worn my pressure stocking for the last week–only the elastic bandage on my ankle. Could my veins be getting worse? The sprain is mild and I am able to walk on it. The pain is now above my ankle, mostly. When not walking, I keep my leg elevated. How can I tell when I can stop using the bandage and go back to my pressure stocking? Thank you!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. If your ankle sprain was in fact mild then I advise patient go no more than 1 week in a elastic bandage. If it was more moderate then I recommend not going more than 2 weeks in the bandage. You were it is for 1 week so I’d suggest trying to return to your pressure stockings as that seems to be a higher priority for your presentation. If you do this transition and your pain persists then I’d suggest following up with your Podiatrist. I hope this helps!