Ankle sprain

Hello I recently sprained my ankle at football practice during a drill and I felt a small pop in my ankle I am looking for sure answers on whether I tore a ligament or not. 5 days later the swelling is down to a minimum as well as the pain I can walk pretty good but no running yet. Another question is that I when I put weight on my ankle and do a calf raise I feel a small pop in between my ankle and Achilles accompanied by small pain that I am concerned about. Thank you and I hope to find a solution.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. The only way to know for certain if you tore a ligament is via MRI. If you did in fact tear a ligament it is not a surgical emergency as many patients are walking on ankles with torn ligaments. I suggest seeing a Podiatrist to get a baselline evaluation and Xrays which will rule out any pathology within the joint. Also if it is appropriate they may suggest a steroid injection. I hope this helps.

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