Ankle injury / sprain

Hi. About a month ago i sprained my ankle while playing basketball. I’m still in the sport and play on my ankle each day even though it’s painful. I thought it healed by itself after I iced it, but i was left with a small lump below my (left) ankle bone that is swollen and puffy. It hurts to touch, and i can no longer move my ankle to the left or rotate it in, but i can move it to the right with no pain. If I try to move my foot to the left of rotate it in I get an excruciating pain that makes me tear up. Playing on it doesn’t help at all, and it has gotten worse over time. I can’t walk on my ankle without having to limp hard. If there is any advice you can give me and if you know what this may be please let me know asap. Should i go to the doctor?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Based on your description I would see a Podiatrist. It may be worth getting an MRI to evaluate the soft tissue and ankle joint closer. You may also benefit from a steroid injection within the joint. I hope this helps!

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