Ankle / foot disorder requiring surgery to fix problem

I’ve been seeing an ortho Dr and she says I need surgery where they will break the bones in my feet and ankle and fuse them together. I want to learn more about the surgery and the recovery out come

I have pain in the foot really bad in the morning when I get out of bed ifs difficult to even walk sometimes and when I get done working it hurts so bad feet and ankle are swollen and I have severe over pronation along with hammertoes and my foot is kind of deformed the front of the foot from the arch to the toes points outward. The doctor called my condition something but I can’t remember what she called it. I’m just looking for information about the surgery and the outcome of the surgery.


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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without examining your feet or seeing any pictures I can’t say exactly what procedure they were referencing however I think you are describing a triple arthrodesis? This is a fusion of the joints in the rearfoot and midfoot. If that is the case then I’d speak to your surgeon in length about what to expect and their course for recovery. Typical flat foot surgery and fusions are a 2 – 3 month recovery with full return to activity at around 4 – 6 months. You are still ambulatory during this time you are just in a walking boot and possibly crutches but that is surgeon specific. I hope this helps!