Advice for my father with diabetes and foot injury

Dear Doctor, I am 15 years old and my father has diabetes.  We vent for holidays to india and a suitcase fell on his left foot and wound formed. He didn’t tell us for days and then he didn’t feel well so we took him to hospital. There they admitted him in ward and (not sure but I think my mother said they gave him painkillers regularly) then shifted to MICU they gave him high antibiotics they said both kidneys were not functioning and there was water im the lung which is somewhat cleared. Doctors told us it became gangrene and they would have to amputate his leg up to the knee, but we said no. A specialist came and told that they would do CT angio otherwise later hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Now doctors are saying the specialist advised them to cut open the wound and see where the infection has spread and will do partial amputation. I dont know about HBOT but they are saying HBOT is under trial and it would be like experimenting on my father. I read online that homeopathy can cure gangrene without amputation. I need to find out where there are HBOT centers. We are now in Mangalore India. Please, need ur advice. I’m only 15 yrs old but cannot see them amputating my father’s leg. Pls urgent help needed. I beg of you, thank you.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I’m sorry you are going through this and I will do my best to advise you. I am not familiar with the healthcare system in India so you may not have access to all services as offered in the United States. If your father truly has gangrene to the foot and wound, and depending on the severity of it, circulation and not be returned to the area. With all serious wound care patients the first step is to confirm circulation. This is done with a CT angio and surgical angioplasty. If circulation is restored sometimes the limb can be salvaged. Next step is to debride and clean the wound, again tihs is often times done in the OR to ensure a sterile environment. When the wound is clean your father wuold be put on antibiotics and there are options for skin grafts and stem cell grafts, but I am not sure if this is appropriate in his case or available in India. The HBOT is a great option if they have that in India and it is the proper tanks. The HBOT only works if there is sufficient circulation and the wound is not seriously infected. If all is clear and depending on the size of his wound it can take severals months to a year for a diabetic wound to heal. I hope this helps in some way.

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