Achilles Tendonitis

I have been struggling with Achilles tendonitis for the past 6 months and am getting very frustrated. I’ve been doing physical therapy for several months now and have stopped all exercise but it still hurts with every step I take.

Do you think it is a stress fracture in my heel? What else can I do?

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    hank you for your question.

    Achilles tendonitis is a very frustrating condition and can take months to get rid of. Often associated with improper loading of impact forces and proximal hip/core instability I often have my patients do an integrated type of physical therapy. In conjunction with this type of physical therapy you may want to explore some options for repairing the injured connective tissue (tendon).

    There are different options including laser, amniotic membrane injections, and platelet rich plasma injections. If you have not discussed these options with your Doctor I would suggest beginning to explore these options. As far as a stress fracture these are very rare in the heel bone so I am not really suspecting this, however an MRI can be done to rule this out.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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