4th toe callous vertical ridge

My 4th (some on 3rd) toe, especially on my right foot, rolls slightly and thus forms a real pointed, callous ridge, vertically along it. I sand it off daily and it develops right back. It is uncomfortable. I have custom orthotics made through a physician that I believe still are not correct for me. I have high arches and 2A narrow feet. The orthotics has a metatarsal pad. They were originally made September 2011. They were modified December 2012 to increase the arch and add the metatarsal pad. I’ve been wearing basically only two shoes; a New Balance WR840 that has the wide forefoot and is neutral to allow for my orthotic. The other is a SAS enclosed leather shoe that also has the width and depth at the front and narrow for my heel. I wear the orthotic all the time. I have worn sensible shoes my whole life. I am a 60 years old female – active and thin/small bodied. My foot discomfort began approximately 5 years ago.

Please answer with your opinion.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. The type of callus / vertical ridge you are describing is actually seen often in Podiatry. I often see contracture and rotation of the 5th / 4th and sometimes even the 3rd toe in my patients. The callus is formed when the toes tuck under each other and creates excess pressure. Calluses related to this issue are always going to return after shaving, unless you correct the actual rotation of the toe. The rotation of the toe cannot be corrected with orthotics, only by surgery.

    Hammertoe surgery is a relatively simple recovery and can be discussed in more detail with your Podiatrist. I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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