2nd toe swelling

Last November 2016 I was involved in a lot of marching in combat boots and would walk about 5 miles a day. I was also running three days a week. I drink a LOT of coffee and gout runs in my family. I am very slender. I noticed pain and swelling in my big toe under the ball of my feet for the first time ever. I got up in the middle of the night and hit my second toe on my bed post in the Navy. I have had X-rays and they tell me the joint capsule may have been ruptured and there is a sprain and to buddy tape. I have been back three times for the deformity and swelling. They tell me to where the toe cot. It’s 10 months and still looks bad. No redness and slight pain. Could there be gout crystals in addition to the injury? Icing makes it worse. Thanks!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. So is your biggest issue in the 2nd or the 1st? If you are thinking it is a torn capsule then that may be a plantar plate tear in the 2nd toe. That pain is usually under the foot / toe – not on top of the foot. If you do feel in fact this is the case then I’d advise getting an MRI to rule out this tear. If you do in fact have a tear then you may want to consider stem cell injection to the plate but this requires you to be in a walking boot for 4 weeks. I”m not sure if you can do that with the Navy / active duty. It doesn’t really sound like gout as it doesn’t usually present in the 2nd toe and isn’t as common as people think it is. I hope this helps!

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