2 MPJ Pain, Claw toe, metatarsalgia, X-ray, weil osteotomy?

Hi, great website. I can’t find a way to upload a picture of my x-ray on my right foot that i would like a second opinion on regarding possible weil osteotomy. Is there such a way?

Shortening of the second metatarsal, Help required. 

X-ray dorsal


xray side


I have felt a stone in the ball of my right foot for the last 10 months while walking, underneath my second mtp. I have done an MRI to exclude Mortons neuroma.

I have a subluxated clawtoe on my second toe. It is loose and goes up and to the left towards my big toe.
My doctor has now promised me to fix my clawtoe and the joints in it, but he is also thinking about doing a weil osteotomy after looking at my xrays. I have read that maybe the weil osteotomy is used excessively and even when people have normal second metatarsal length so it worries me because I want to get back running asap.

Do you think these photos warrant a shortening of the second metatarsal? (not just the toe)

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    Hello and thank you for the question.

    You had an MRI which is good. Most likely your MRI should read if you have a tear in your plantar plate. If you have a subluxed digit then it is most likely that you do have a tear. If this is the case then I would recommend correcting the contracted digit and plantar plate tear without a Weil Osteotomy.

    Your x-rays in my opinion do not warrant a Weil Osteotomy and I actually have moved away from doing this procedure with my plantar plate repairs. It may be worth getting a second opinion from another surgeon in your area. The recovery time for both procedures would be the same with/without a Weil Osteotomy.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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