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Top of foot pain

Hi there! Recently I’ve been very active in my pe class, and we were running backward and I somehow fell and landed on my back. There was of course pain but I felt instant pain in my foot. There was a very constant pain on the top of my foot near the ankle. I think(read more)

Metatarsal pain

My main issue at the moment is the constant, deep ache between the first and second metatarsal joints. Also on the outer part of the first joint. It almost feels broken. The right foot is worse than the left. Besides that, I have bunions on both sides of both feet and calluses on the big(read more)

Injury and lump on foot

My story was after dull foot pain down the outer-lower-side of my foot and a mild adductor injury I was running one day and got a sharp pain on the top of my foot. After x-rays confirming no fracture, I took (what is now) 5 weeks off from running. During that time a lump has(read more)

Discolored calluses

How do i get the color back in my skin on my feet that are very callused ?

Varicose veins and ankle sprain

Which shoes are good for varicose veins and ankle sprain?

Correct toenail trimming

Hi, I just recently learned that I’ve been trimming my toenails improperly, putting them at risk for growing in. I have managed to avoid an ingrown toenail so far and would like to keep it that way. Can I “fix” the issue by starting to trim correctly and trying to reshape the nail on my(read more)

Lasting pain after injury

I hurt my foot about a year ago. I did a cartwheel and kicked somebody, but afterwards i was fine. The next day I woke up and couldn’t put any pressure on my foot. I got x-rays and it showed nothing. The pain never got better so I got more x-rays somewhere else. Still showed(read more)

Pigeon toed condition

How does being pigeon toed negatively impact running in an adult?

Severe upper heel/ ankle pain

So I believe the back part of the ankle/foot is called the fibula? But that area of my foot/ankle and the upper part of my heal started hurting this morning and the pain has gotten 10x worse since I noticed it. It feels as if the two are punching against each other and I feel(read more)

Foot pain

Hello-for about 2 months I have been having pain in my foot-when I put pressure on the front area of my foot-causes a lot of pain on the top part of my foot. Also, if I step wrong or on something I get a sharp pain. What could be causing this? I stubbed my pinkie(read more)
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