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Toe deformity

I was wondering if I could send you a picture of my toddlers foot. She was born with a deformed couple of toes but also has a fleshy part on top of her foot that doesn’t tan in the sun.

Chronic arch pain only when walking

After I walk for 1/2 to 1 block there is a level 8 pain in both arches. It is NOT there any other time. This has been happening for over 10 years. I have seen podiatrists, had PT, acupuncture, chiropractic and numerous personal shoe inserts. Nothing helps. They all have given up on me. Any(read more)

Sport injury to ankle

I had a soccer game last night and another player kicked my ankle and it hurt to move it from a 180 degree angle and it does have bruising and swelling and it also hurts to move it in certain directions even with an ace wrap. Do you know what that could be?

Baby shoe recommendation

Hi there, thought you could help me with some questions i have regarding baby shoes! 1) Do you recommend soft-sole shoes for babies under 1 years old? Up until what age are soft-sole shoes still beneficial? 2) Would it ever benefit them to wear shoes with hard soles at all under 18 months? 3) In(read more)

Infected ingrown toenail removed

I recently had my toenail removed because of an infection and ingrown. This is the 3rd day and they gave me antibiotics, 4 times daily. My question is what can i do to make it stop bleeding? Every time I have to use the restroom I use my crutches but my toe will start bleeding(read more)

Pain on bottom of feet

I’m very active, doing lifting 3 days a week and cardio 2. For the last 7 weeks both of my feet have been hurting, enough that I stopped going to the gym. I figured I must have over trained and that if I rested for a few days the pain would go away. It hasn’t.(read more)

Pain and sore feet with difficulty walking

I am a male, 75, 185 ibs and 5’11″+. I have had 15 years of bladder, colon and skin cancer(nothing last 10 yrs), I have Type II diabetes, I had an ischemic event on March 22 this year with 3 total blockages in the three arteries feeding the heart. I have a recurring foot pain(read more)

Healing time for plantar fasciitis?

How long does it take for plantar fasciitis to heal?

Big toes pointing upward

Ever since I can remember my big toes have always pointed upwards and never laid flat. Is this a genetic thing or something else?

Plantar fasciitis complication

I was put in a tall splint for plantar fasciitis. Because of my extremely large calf the pressure was extreme. I couldn’t even fit the wedge under my toes. My ankle stared hurting. After 4 days the pain was so bad I couldn’t put weight on the foot. An MRI revealed mild bone marrow edema(read more)
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