Shoes have replaced handbags as fashions big investment accessory: Style Czar

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The two girls window shopping outside the Louis Vuitton store on Bloor Street seem mystified “What are those?” asks one, pointing in the window, her nose wrinkling in amazement as if she has spotted a fleet of LV-embossed UFOs. “Um,” offers her companion, “wedge-heeled, patent-leather platform penny loafers?” The girls turn away, laughing at the absurdity of trying to describe shoes so complex in their fusion of materials and styles that they must be worth their designer price tag.Indeed, as has been widely observed, shoes are having a moment, replacing handbags as fashion’s big investment accessory. But what a strange moment it is turning out to be. Strolling along Bloor Street’s designer-shoe corridor, it’s clear there’s something more than a little bit weird afoot. Full Text

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