National Womens Health Week: Gestational diabetes more dangerous than we assume

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By: Janice D’Arcy 

The morning after my second daughter was born, I, like any woman fresh from labor and delivery, was famished. Before me sat a tray with a metal dome that concealed an awaiting entrée. As I reached toward it, I imaged a feast of eggs and sausage, maybe a few sautéed vegetables. I had developed gestational diabetes during the pregnancy, and I expected that, like all my meals in the previous three months, this one, too, would be devoid of fruit, bread or anything that might trigger an unhealthy spike in my blood glucose level.

My endocrinologist had warned me to keep following the strict dietary guidelines until she could test me after the delivery and make sure my gestational diabetes had not developed into long-term diabetes. On my last visit to her before the birth, she said something along the lines of, “Call me when things settle down and we’ll schedule a follow-up.” Full Text

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