Fitness and Fun: Bicycling`s Best Kept Secret

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By: Brent Cohrs 

Have you ever noticed that you don’t see bicycles advertised on television? You’ll see ads for health clubs, home fitness equipment, and workout programs, but you won’t see a single commercial touting bicycling as a form of fitness.  Late night and early weekend hours are filled with infomercials making dubious claims about every 10-minute workout and slider/strider/glider/rider you’ve never heard of, but you won’t hear a single word about bikes.Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy.  While I have no proof (which makes me no less credible than any other conspiracy theorist), I have a strong suspicion the bike industry wants you to try the latest fitness fad.  They’re just waiting for you to discover firsthand that it’s next to impossible to attain a professional fitness model’s physique with machine-assisted sit-ups or jumping up and down in front of your TV for ten minutes a day. Full Text

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