Improving Your Foot Health With Your Socks

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Well, according to the groundhog, there is still plenty of winter ahead of us this year. That means sandal season is quite a way off! It’s important to remember that socks are important foot health accessories. Damp and dark conditions, such as those found in shoes, promote the growth of fungi, bacteria and odor – eew!

You can protect your feet by wearing socks made with copper fibers that have been clinically proven to help eliminate these common problems and improve your skin’s appearance and texture. Copper ions, embedded in the yarn and guaranteed to last for the life of the sock, provide superior protection and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and odors commonly found in feet.

In addition to eliminating the bacteria, germs etc in your shoes, it’s important to choose socks that also offer the proper support and help to keep your feet dry and healthy. I don’t know about you, but my feet totally know the difference between cheap socks and good quality socks. I feel like my athletic performance improves when my feet feel their most comfortable. Below are a few key attributes to look for when choosing athletic socks.

  • Added heel to toe cushioning for superior shock absorption
  • Elasticized arch support for added performance
  • Reduces friction to help prevent blistering
  • Technologically advanced Moisture-Guard wicking system
  • Helps controls odor and rejuvenates your skin

If you have Diabetes, it’s very important to be sure that you select socks that will help protect your overall foot health and minimize potential injuries.  Below are a few key attributes to look for when choosing socks for those with Diabetes.

  • Non-binding yarn with Spandex hugs leg without restriction
  • Hand linked smooth toe seam for extra protection
  • Technologically advanced Moisture-Guard wicking system
  • Extra cushioning option for superior comfort & shock absorption
  • Doctor recommended for diabetes

If you suffer from varicose veins, swollen legs, post surgery, or moderate edema, you may benefit from compression socks. Below are a few key attributes to look for when choosing compression socks.

  • Graduated compression from ankle to knee (20-25mmHg)
  • Energizing action for all day comfort
  • Reduces swelling and leg fatigue

It’s just as important to select the proper socks as it is to select the proper footwear. When your feet feel great, you feel great!

Below are some link to where you can find great socks, all of which are embedded with copper ions to create the healthiest environment possible for your feet.

To purchase Men’s Copper socks, click here.

To purchase Women’s Copper socks, click here.

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