5 Steps For Better Foot Health

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By Kristen Stenerson

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., guru of integrative medicine, was in New York City at the Bryant Park Hotel last week with Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli to introduce their program “Walkabout: A 28 Day Quest For Good Health” using their Orthaheel foot care products. Huff/Post50 asked Dr. Weil for the best tips on curing the common foot ailments that accompany aging. Dr. Weil’s suggestion? Movement!

Your feet can carry you far, approximately 5,117 steps each day, as one study shows. Kickstarting a life of better health doesn’t require you to be a marathon runner, according to Dr. Weil.

“In terms of physical activity, I think the goal is simply to be more active, to move your body every day,” said Weil. “Moderate physical activity is more effective than intense physical activity. Walking is one of best ways to maintain your emotional wellness.”

Looking to put the spring back into your step? Check out Dr. Weil’s five tips for better foot health.

Go Barefoot When Possible
When asked how to best care for your feet, Dr. Weil revealed that he opts to go shoeless. “I walk barefoot as much as I can,” said Weil. “Walking barefoot on natural surfaces: grass, soft ground, sand — I think that’s terrific.” So, go ahead — free those toes and bare it all!
“Everybody knows how to walk,” said Weil. “You can do it anywhere, and it carries the least risk of injury.” Park at the far end of the grocery store or office parking lot, or commit to a stroll around the block after dinner every night to boost your activity.
Make Careful Shoe Choices
There’s no doubt that women love a good pair of heels. Wearing them, however, may cause problems such as: bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes or intense pain, according to WebMD. A new study found they also cause muscle strain. “For high heels, they shouldn’t be over a certain number of inches and you shouldn’t spend that much time in them,” said Dr. Weil. “So whenever you can get out of them, get out of them. I realize that women are going to be wearing them, but I think you want to be sensible about it.”
Keep Better Company
“One of the strategies that I always recommend is to spend more time in the company of people who have the habits you want,” said Dr. Weil. “If you want to be more physically active, spend more time with people who are physically active. If you want to eat better, spend more time in the company of people who have good eating habits.” (A 2007 study in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests obesity is contagious, because people pattern their own actions on friends’ behavior.)
Maintain Good Posture
Aging, at times, can seem like a fight against gravity. “As you turn 50 you’re normally feeling aches and pains. Your body deteriorates over time,” said Dr. Phil Vasyli. “One of the things I try to maintain is posture.” Aging can cause pain in the knees, the back, and the heels, according to Dr. Vasyli, which is why remaining aware of these pains is key. “Pay attention to how your body changes as you age,” said Dr. Weil.
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