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pain on inside of foot close to arch.
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pain on inside of foot close to arch.

I have been having problems with my left foot for almost a year. I have had xrays and they said it looked like an erosion or possibly gout. They checked the uric acid levels. My levels are normal. My physician said it is not gout. I have taken prednisone, mobic, cortisone injections , I am not responding to any treatment whatsoever. The pain is continuous on the side of my foot on the inside, feels like it is bruised. The pain is a stabbing pain. I have taken tylenol, aleve, ibuprofen. Nothing is helping.

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Thank you for the question, and sorry to hear you have been experiencing foot pain.

When assessing a patient for foot pain, it is important to know exactly when you feel the pain, the type of pain and what relieves the pain. Try to pay attention to what movements make the pain increase and if rest or elevation make the pain decrease.

If you have not seen a Podiastrist yet, I recommend you do as they are trained to evaluate for many different causes of foot pain including rheumatological, neurological and biomechanical. Good luck!

Dr. Emily Splichal
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