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Pain above big toe
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Pain above big toe


I have had pain in my big toe on my right foot for the past few days. When bending it, it feels like the tendon or ligament on the side right where the toe comes out of the foot is scraping against the bone (sorry for the weird decription). There is some pain but not anything unbearable. I also cannot bend the toe all of the way and this scraping feeling happen when I bend it either direction.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!!


Thank you for your question. There are several tendons and ligaments that insert and stabilize the big toe of the foot. Excessive stress or improper propulsion (push off) can stress these soft tissue structures leading to pain and inflammation.

This pain and inflammation can be managed through ice and NSAIDs (Advil, Aleve). If the pain persists I recommend seeing a Podiatrist to further evaluate your biomechanics and possible causes for this excess stress.


Thanks!! One more question- Should I wrap it in anything are wrap it with the next toe?

Thanks again


I recommend seeing a Podiatrist to further evaluate your condition before doing anything.

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