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Bottom right side of my foot hurts when walking or running on it
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Bottom right side of my foot hurts when walking or running on it

About 3 weeks ago I did a work out in a pair of older shoes that involved a lot of jumping exercises. After the work out only my right foot hurt. The pain is located on the bottom right side of my foot, right before the edge of my foot between the bottom at the top of my foot. I tried to stay off of it for a few days, but after I would work out again it would hurt again. It hurts most when I run on it, but after a work out it also hurts when I walk on it as well. I tried doing just the elliptical, which helped but still hurt a little bit. I noticed today it hurt even more after I did a work out on the track, I was guessing maybe it was from the turns on the track, or maybe it was because I did a speed work out so it was faster paced. I am not sure. I have a race coming up in about 4 weeks and I can't really afford to take too much rest. What should I do?


Hello and thank you for your question.

The soft tissue tendons and ligaments of the foot are very complex and are used in almost every move we make - whether it’s running, the elliptical or simply walking. I would try an initial conservative treatment such as rest, ice or anti-inflammatories and compression or supportive shoes. All soft tissue has a threshold of stress that it can withstand - and if you happen to pass that threshold due to excessive activity, improper shoes or inadequate recovery time - your soft tissue will become inflamed and painful.

If your pain persists after a week of rest I recommend seeing a Podiatrist. Good luck!

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