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Achilles tendon pain

When I wake up and take my first steps in the morning I have burning pain in my right achilles (my left was repaired years ago after tearing it). Once I walk around and become active for the day, it subsides. Why would it hurt after inactivity and ultimately feel better with movement?

Bruise on top of foot and lower shin

Hi. For the past 2 weeks, I have had a bruise-like pain on the top of my right foot. The strange thing is it doesn’t hurt to walk on it, but it’s very tender to the touch. For example, it’s painful to sit on my knees while playing with my kids, as it puts pressure(read more)

Twisted feet after surgery?

After my bi-lateral hip replacements, my feet seem to be twisted, meaning that they don’t seem to set comfortably in any of my shoes. When I put on ankle stockings, my feet seem to twist or something and my stockings seem to want to work their way down my foot and into my shoes. I(read more)

Ankle pain after running

I am a girl in high school, and a lot of times when I run or play a sport I get pain on the outside of my ankle. It usually only hurts when I try to walk or run. For the most part it doesn’t hurt as I am running, just afterwards. I don’t remember(read more)

Toenail injury healing time

I dropped a 25lb plate on my toe and it fractured the end of my toe. When the weight fell on it, it hit just above the toe nail and broke the skin with the toe nail still intact. The emergency room doctors stitched the nail back to skin. Will it fall off eventually or(read more)

Sharp back of heel pain

Hi there. I woke up the other day with a very sharp pain in the back of my right heel that won’t go away. I feel it when I walk and sometimes the area throbs after a stabbing pain strikes. I am currently living in Italy, so I walk everywhere. My shoes are getting worn(read more)

Burning pain in left big toe

I had a pedicure in June 2017 and when trimming she snipped the SIDE of my big toe cuticle causing me to feel pain and say ouch. Since then I have had a burning type pain below cuticle on big toe that gets worse at night and basically when elevating feet or going in bed.(read more)

Severe ankle sprain not healing

Hi. I had an incident at work back in November. I work as a CNA in a nursing home on a dementia unit. I was chasing after one of my residents and as I was running my right ankle twisted and snapped. (My co-worker heard it from a good distance) It immediately swelled up and(read more)

Foot / arch pain

For the past three days I have had a severe and intense pain in the bottom center (arch) of my Foot…it hurts to walk and when the blood flows to my foot the throbbing is excruciating to the point I have to elevate it. What would be the cause and solution to this pain? Thank(read more)

Foot and ankle pain worsening

Dear Doctor, Five years ago I started to have a stabbing pain in my foot to the point I couldn’t walk or stand up. I was put on cortisone, but I stopped taking it because it was stopping my periods. I am living with pain with 24 hrs, despite some good days, but sometimes I(read more)
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