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Sore sole

The sole of my foot where the toes start is quite sore any way I can relieve the pain quicker. Thanks

Foot hurts when I walk

Yesterday I was doing jiu Jitsu, and I was on the floor when someone else landed on top of my left foot (my foot was sideways on the ground at the time). It hurt, but I was able to continue the session. However, afterwards when I was walking home it started to hurt more, but(read more)

Pain in toe of left foot

The pain started coming in the middle of the day, I was just sitting and when I tried to stand and walk, but my left toe hurt. It doesn’t happen as long as I don’t walk on it. There was nothing on my toe as long as my examination goes. The pain is in the(read more)

Stinging heel pain

I have a stinging pain underneath my heel and on the side. It is not constant but stings to a crescendo then fades then stings again in seconds. The area is very sore to touch but does not have fissures: I applied ointment twice a day for weeks without improvement. Also I just applied an(read more)

Ingrown toenail

I have had a problem with ingrown toenails for as long as I can remember. I’ve always tried to fix them by myself but they always grow back. Recently I have run into a problem. There is a piece of nail stuck deep inside one of my big toes. It does not hurt but is(read more)

Top of foot pain

Hi there! Recently I’ve been very active in my pe class, and we were running backward and I somehow fell and landed on my back. There was of course pain but I felt instant pain in my foot. There was a very constant pain on the top of my foot near the ankle. I think(read more)

Metatarsal pain

My main issue at the moment is the constant, deep ache between the first and second metatarsal joints. Also on the outer part of the first joint. It almost feels broken. The right foot is worse than the left. Besides that, I have bunions on both sides of both feet and calluses on the big(read more)

Injury and lump on foot

My story was after dull foot pain down the outer-lower-side of my foot and a mild adductor injury I was running one day and got a sharp pain on the top of my foot. After x-rays confirming no fracture, I took (what is now) 5 weeks off from running. During that time a lump has(read more)

Discolored calluses

How do i get the color back in my skin on my feet that are very callused ?

Varicose veins and ankle sprain

Which shoes are good for varicose veins and ankle sprain?
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