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Sharp pain that fades as I walk

Good morning, I broke the 5th metatarsal of my left foot (dominant foot) around 8 years ago. It was described as looking like a broken egg shell in the x-ray. It took about 8-10 weeks for the healing process to fully start and a further 4-6 weeks before I was discharged by the doctor. I(read more)

Previous ankle injury giving me problems

Let’s see, so I broke my ankle a few months ago and I had it surgically repaired and has been hurting since and it really agitates my foot. I have asked my doctor about this but he says I need to give it time but I need another opinion on why it still hurts so(read more)

Lump on bottom of foot

Monday evening a took a step and got a sharp stinging pain. I walked upstairs and thought I had stepped on a piece of glass. On the bottom of my foot near my second toe started swelling and I could feel a small lump. The sharp pain has gone away however I still have a(read more)

Activity too early after surgery. Damage?

Hi, I had ankle surgery to remove a screw from the outer part of the join from a previous surgery. Further the doctor created some scar tissue that will act like cartilage as I sustained some injury from a fracture years ago that wore some that cartilage away. Doctor told me it was okay to(read more)

Botched Bunion Surgery

Hello and thank you in advance for your consideration relative to my question. I had bunion surgery in 2011 (rt foot) and 2012 (left foot). Unfortunately, the left foot surgery was admittedly (by the podiatrist) the incorrect procedure for my particular deformity. I was told that the deformity was one of the worst and that(read more)

Grayish lump on foot

My mom’s foot is swollen and has a bump on top of the foot and it looks like a grayish color what could this be?

Flat foot shoe advice

So, I have very flat feet with posterior tendinitis. What orthotic do you suggest and what shoe that is not chunky. I am female I have a very narrow heel thin foot on the narrow side. 8 1/2 is best for me not to walk out of the shoe. If I go to a 9(read more)

Pain after gout episode

Continuing pain in ankle after severe gout attack. Swelling come and goes. No weight bear possible. What could the answer be? Regards

Bottom of foot painful blisters

I started to notice a small hard knot like on the bottom of my left foot on the hump of my foot behind my toes. A couple days later I noticed it was getting more painful and started turning into a blister. Now 1 1/2 weeks later it has 4 big blister like spots that(read more)

Hot, swollen foot after sciatica symptoms

Hello! I recently had pretty severe sciatica symptoms. While those symptoms have subsided, the top of my foot and toes have become mildly swollen and red. They are painful to the touch. The physical therapists I am seeing say that this is not a typical reaction post sciatica, as it usually travels back up the(read more)
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