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Callus pain

Hello, I’ve had four calluses on my left foot for a couple months. As of now they’ve become extremely painful. They hurt when I walk on them and randomly have episodes of intense throbbing and burning even when I’ve been laying down and doing nothing. They are also inflamed and red. I’ve made an appointment(read more)

Achilles tendon pain

Hello. I recently suffered an inflamed Achilles tendon. I believe it was caused by wearing a loose shoe for an extended period of time. If that was the case, can you recommend a product to prevent another inflammation? There are so many out there and I’m not sure which one to get.

Pain after workout

Hi my name is Ahsan, I’m an 18 year old medical student and a weight lifter. I regularly do dead lifts and leg strengthening exercises. On leg day I did the exercise of calf raises. This is a mixture of high repetitions of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of the foot. I wasn’t wearing proper footwear and(read more)

Torn ligament

Hi Doctor, i have been told by my orthopedist that i have a torn ligament in my left foot and that I should have surgery; although my podiatrist thinks surgery would not benefit me at all. The MRI states: slight chronic sprains of the anterior talofibular & deltoid ligaments with slight anterolateral synovitis & slight(read more)

Pigeon toed and need advice

I was born pigeon toed….. Baby pics in casts. But now I put all my weight on my inner heels and after long day standing/walking they really hurt. My inner heel on both feet always have giant calluses. Any way to help try center weight?

Exercise and foot stress guidance

I am am overweight person (245 lbs) who has been doing exercise to try to lose weight. On Mon, Wed, Fri I am doing interval training for jogging by using the Couch to 5k app. On the off days I walk 30 minutes. I knew I would be sore, but I am afraid of injuring(read more)

Swollen, sore feet

I have flat feet and work in a warehouse on cement floor. Now my feet are starting to swell up and my ankle is starting to hurt. I’m standing about six hours a day. The side of my foot now is sore and the top of my toes close to my ankle the bones are(read more)

Hard bump on bottom side of foot

I have a protruding bump (hard like a possible bone) right at the bottom side of outside of foot. It causes pain to walk on it. Any idea what this could be?

Foot swollen and painful to walk on it

Hello. My name is Richard. My left foot has been hurting since last Thursday and I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve had seriously crippling pain where it is extremely difficult to walk or stand. My foot has swollen to about twice the size of my other foot. Initially I was unable to curl(read more)

Swollen feet

I went to Philadelphia twice and both times my ankles and feet got swollen while I was there. This has never happened to me any other time. I live in Massachusetts. Could this have anything to do with a change in altitude?
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